Why We Chose Facility and Asset Management? Part 2

In 2019, my grandmother spent considerable time in the hospital as a result of complications from a routine surgery.  She was admitted to the same hospital that my maternal grandmother had passed away in when I was 12.  I had not been back to the hospital since that time.  However, when I walked through the main entrance I had a weird sense of déjà vu.  The place looked almost exactly the same.  I felt like I had travelled 30 years back in time, only things looked more dated and aged.

It was actually the same hospital that I was born in, but I don’t remember much of what it looked like back then (probably pretty close to the same though if I had to guess!).

Seeing my other grandmother recovering in a room that looked eerily similar to the same room where I said goodbye to my mother’s mom 30 year earlier hit me really hard.  Having been in more modern hospitals, I have seen the state of the art healing environments that many people have in their communities.  Visiting this smaller, more rural hospital was a stark reminder that many people are still being treated in buildings that were cutting-edge 40 or more years ago.

Although I felt pretty good about the progress we have made since visiting that elementary school in 2002, this visit reminded me that we still had a long way to go and reinforced in me the importance of addressing deferred capital renewal and maintenance as a way to help the world.

Patients deserve the best environment for healing and recovering.  Students deserve to attend schools where the buildings support and promote learning .  Everyone that spends any time inside a building deserves a safe and healthy environment.

For me personally, my personal mission is to do whatever I can to help make this a reality for everyone!

If you are reading this blog, I am going to assume that you too share my, and our passion, for improving the built environment.  I would love to the origin story of your “Why” in the comments.

Why we Chose Facility and Asset Management? Part 1

One of our core values is Passionate.  I often get asked why I am personally so passionate about what we do at Roth IAMS.  There are two specific experiences that always stick in my mind that I always seem to come back to when I think about my “why”.

One of them occurred many years ago at an earlier stage of my career, and the second more recently after I had founded Roth IAMS and was over 20 years into my career journey.  These two events highlight the driving force behind why I personally have put so much of my energy into improving the world of Facility and Asset Management.

The first experience occurred back in 2002.  My team and I had started a major project to assess thousands of K-12 elementary schools.  I was lucky enough to have been asked to manage this project, the biggest in our company at the time.  As part of our pilot program, I accompanied our assessment team to several of the first schools that we were assessing.  On this project, the client selected some of the schools in the worst condition to start with.

During one of the visits to an elementary school, we came across an open door (actually the door was missing as it had failed and been removed previously) with two orange pylons in front of it.  When we looked into the room it housed several large pieces of electrical equipment and there was water all over the floor, caused, I believe by a recent heavy rain event.  When asked by our team, the school staff indicated that at the time they had not been allocated the money to fix the door or the leaks that allowed the water into the room.

I was shocked that there were young kids running around that could easily have wandered into the electrical room, which would have been bad enough, let alone with standing water on the floor.  In that moment, I realized that impact of underfunding facility maintenance and renewal was having on the world in which I was living.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to this story.  Once completed, the data we collected helped to secure over $4 Billion of renewal funding for the school sector, allowing School Boards to address the most significant renewal needs, and to close some of the schools in the worst condition.  I later found out that this particular school was one of the ones that was replaced as part of the program.

Introducing our New Blog

Welcome to our new Blog.  I am Bill Roth, President & CEO of Roth IAMS.  It has been a while since we have posted blogs on a regular basis.  However, with the launch of our new website we want to continue to find ways to provide value to our clients, partners, followers and all members of our community.

This blog will be a bit different from our other channels.  This will be a venue for me to share thoughts on various topics, but not limited to things just related to Facility and Asset Management.  At Roth IAMS, my leadership team and I spend just as much time focusing on leadership, building a strong corporate culture and living our values as we do on evolving all the areas of our practice.

Years ago I had a personal blog entitled “Ramblings of a Success Junkie”.  In speaking recently with Katherine (Wood, our Manager, Marketing) she suggested, without knowing about the existence or title of my previous blog , that we should use the blog as a place for me to ramble on about different topics.  In appreciation of Katherine’s sage suggestion, I would like to suggest that this blog will unofficially be called the “Ramblings of an Asset Management Junkie”.

I also want to  encourage you to follow our other social channels including Linkedin, Vimeo, Instagram, and our soon-to-be launched Webinar series, and keep visiting our website where we will be sharing lots of information, white papers, and other news about our world.

Part of our vision of solving the world’s deferred capital renewal and maintenance backlog crisis is focused on education and awareness of the issues and potential solutions.  We are looking to use all of these channels to achieve this goal.

I hope that you will join me for the ride. I look forward to your feedback and comments and engaging in dialogue through the blog about Facility Asset Management and whatever other topics we ramble on about.