History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success

Asset Management

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Roth IAMS has developed numerous tools and processes that have been used by hundreds of clients to improve and enhance their Asset Management and Capital Planning processes.

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop multiyear capital and maintenance plans that align with an organization’s overall goals and strategy and are based on the resource constraints that exist.

Capital Renewal Planning

Our team collaborates with clients to achieve their asset management plan goals. Whether it’s updating and/or creating an Asset Management Plan (AMP), we lead clients through the process by transferring knowledge and providing guidance. We help them develop AMPs to reinforce and defend asset-related decisions for short, medium, and long-term planning. Importantly, the AMPs also take into consideration risks and service level expectations to ensure the decisions at the asset levels support the organizations strategic goals.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Many organizations have been inundated with data on their existing buildings. Pulling it together to develop a prioritized, multiyear capital plan can be a daunting task. Our team collaborates with yours and you leverage our processes, tools and strategies to assist you with integrating the various data that you have. We help take your “list of needs” as developed through various assessment projects (FCAs, Energy Audits, Equipment Inventory, Asbestos Assessment, Accessibility, etc.), and integrate them into a clear plan, based on your specific funding sources and portfolio needs.

Outsourced Database Management

Gathering asset data is a great investment for any facility or asset manager. We know that as you continue to maintain and renew buildings your data requires updating often. To maximize the value of the investment you make in gathering data, you need a long-term strategy to keep it refreshed.

Most organizations do have the capability to update their facility data over time. However, the more critical issue is the capacity to do so. Data upkeep is one of many tasks that a facility professional must prioritize. Roth IAMS partners with facility and asset management teams as an out-source partner for data management. Keeping it updated year over year. Our data management professionals update your data so that its consistency and defensibility are maintained over time.

If you always have up-to-date data, your next FCA should be less costly as your provider will be starting with a real-world data set that just needs to be validated, saving you time, energy and money.

Software Selection and Configuration

Licensing any Asset Management Software is a major undertaking for any organization. Whether, it’s a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), a Capital Asset Management System (CAMS) or an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), it’s a lot to do. Our Data Management team assists you in maximizing the value of your various AM software products. Whether it be through supporting configuration and customization, the development of data standards, training, generating or running reports, integrating with other systems or maintaining the data, it’s what we do. Our team of diverse facility and software experts customizes a level of service to align with your resources and enhances the value that you get from your AM software.

Data Mining and Analytics

Roth IAMS believes that Asset Management is all about telling your story to your key stakeholders. The best stories are supported and informed by consistent and defensible data. Our Data Management team are experts at mining your existing data and developing reports and presentations that translate the technical aspects of the data into stories tailored to your important audiences such as finance, end-users, community, etc.