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High Performance Buildings

Building performance

Roth IAMS’ experienced and specialized experts can help to support you with strategic and operational support that ranges from capital project transitions to maintenance and operations management including audits, reviews and analysis. With buildings housing people, critical business functions and processes the emphasis on maintaining and operating buildings for functionality, comfort, efficiency and safety has never been so crucial.

Building Performance Check-Up

We believe that to truly develop an Integrated Asset Management program we must find the “bull’s eye” at the intersection of excellence in three keys areas of Capital Planning, Operational and Performance Excellence.

Our Building Performance Check-Up is focused on helping clients enhance the performance of buildings and, through collaboration, allow their team to achieve Performance Excellence, while also enhancing Operational and Capital Planning Excellence.

Energy Auditing and Consulting

Building Science

Structural Assessments


Commissioning of any form, new building or retro or re-commissioning is a financial priority for most. Commissioning improves the operations of equipment and helps ensure the comfort of occupants. The return on investment here from extending the life of the equipment to energy and maintenance savings is an obvious benefit of this effort.