History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success

Facilities Management

Facilities management conversation

Roth IAMS has worked with numerous clients to develop programs to support on-going Facility Asset Management needs including helping organizations with their Preventative Maintenance planning needs.

Preventative Maintenance Planning

One of the best strategies to extend the life of building equipment and elements is by completing regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) across a portfolio. We help organizations who are challenged with time and resources to prioritize their PM program. We help clients fast track the development of a PM program designed to capture all details and requirements.

Our team works with yours to help you develop a prioritized PM program to maximize the value of your PM dollars. Working in conjunction with the team that manages your Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), the our team will align plans and deliverables so they can easily be uploaded into your CMMS for activation and assignment.

Facilities Management Planning

Managing the many competing aspects of facilities poses many challenges and requires a wide range of expertise and knowledge. As organizations grow and evolve to address the most pressing issues they face., having a third party review your current Facilities Management (FM) plan, processes and tools can often identify gaps and opportunities.

Our team of FM experts have worked in and collaborated with facilities professionals across all asset classes. Collaborating with you, they understand your current organizational context and bring the knowledge and expertise needed to review your current practices and help you develop a plan to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

Green Building Strategies, Policies, and Procedures

Green Building Strategies, Policies and Procedures, Energy and Sustainability

Roth IAMS defines sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. With this statement as a guiding principle Roth IAMS employs strategies that allow for balanced decision-making on the basis of cultural, economic, environmental and social considerations.

Our core business is focused on working with our clients to help plan future improvements to buildings so that they can provide a healthy environment for their occupants. We are proponents of managing, maintaining, and improving what we have, to limit the need to build new. Often new buildings are constructed and result in others sitting idle and empty.

Roth IAMS works collaboratively with clients to provide the following services:

Facilitation Services – guiding clients through the BOMA BEST Certification process. Whether it’s a single building or a portfolio of buildings, Roth IAMS has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain your desired certification level.

Green Policies & Management Plans – collaborating with clients and reviewing in-house protocols, Roth IAMS develops internal policies and management plans to support green certifications or internal sustainability goals.

Energy & Water Assessments – using our expertise in energy and water assessments we work with government agencies who have a large focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and climate change mitigation. Buildings play a significant role in this mitigation through the energy they use. Roth IAMS provides energy assessments of facilities either to support sustainable practices, building certifications or in creating energy efficiency checklists in conjunction with a Facility Condition Assessment.