History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


Founded in 2014, Roth Integrated Asset Management Strategies (IAMS) now has over 100 full-time staff located in the United States and Canada.

Incorporated in Toronto, Ontario and St. Petersburg, Florida, Roth IAMS also has offices in Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas, , South Carolina, New York, Colorado, and Arizona.

Roth IAMS does not use part-time contractors and instead, invests in our employees. Our Facility Condition Assessors and Project Managers are certified PMP, PAC, AscT, LEED, CET, CPI, CET, CMA, CEM, CET, GSC, FMA, CEFT, RPA, CAPM, RHFAC.

Clients include Education, Municipal, State and Provincial Governments, Housing, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements and collaborative contracts: Sourcewell, CANOE, OECM, NCPP.

Licenses: Roth IAMS team members have professional licenses in the following jurisdictions:

Insurance: Fully insured in both the US and Canada. Professional and general liability insurance status public sector entity requirements. Coverage limits may be increased for project specific scope.

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Although Collaborative Procurement is well-known in some circles, we still encounter a lot of Facility and Asset Managers that are not familiar with the process or the organizations that facilitate the contracts.  Additionally, we see many procurement officials who are resistant to utilizing Cooperative Purchasing Agreements for a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear is that by using a Collaborative Procurement agreement that we are short circuiting the procurement process or cutting corners in some way.

Here are 10 Benefits of Collaborative Procurement.

To learn more about collaborative procurement and understand how it can help you streamline your purchasing processes:

Watch this video from Bill Roth, President and CEO, Roth IAMS, on the value of using collaborative procurement when you are dealing with shifting priorities and timelines.

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How collaborative procurement drives collaboration, education, and successful outcomes.

What do I have to pay to use a collaborative procurement contract.

Sourcewell contract ID


Sourcewell contract ID

Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Roth IAMS is proud to have earned a Sourcewell contract for Facility Assessment and Professional Services. Sourcewell is a government agency that makes the buying process easier and more affordable by combining the purchasing power of many agencies into a single cooperative group. Contracts are competitively solicited to satisfy the public bidding process for its education, government, and nonprofit participating agencies. Learn more below about the Roth IAMS contract and how utilizing the power of Sourcewell will make purchasing simple and more affordable.

Contract:  #020421-RTH
Effective:  03/24/2021 – 03/24/2025

Visit sourcewell-mn.gov to learn about the RothIAMS contract

Participation is free for qualifying education, government and nonprofit organizations in both Canada and the US

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Roth IAMS is honored to have been recognized by Canoe as the highest-ranking proponent in their recent Facility Assessment and Planning Related Services contract. As a canoe member, you can access all of Roth IAMS services and software tools while also satisfying your procurement processes. Through our Canoe partnership you will also have access to our best-in-class rates so you can be confident that you are getting extreme value for your money, while also streamlining your procurement requirements.

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OECM is a trusted not-for-profit collaborative sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations. We contract with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of quality products and services, and generate significant savings for our customers.

We are pleased to share that Roth IAMS Ltd., has been awarded Platinum Supplier Partner status for Facilities Condition Assessment Services, as part of OECM’s 2023 Supplier Recognition Program.

The Platinum level award recognizes suppliers who have exceeded expectations and achieved excellence against a stringent set of quality performance evaluation criteria.


Visit OECM 


Roth IAMS is pleased to be a Strategic Supplier Partner of the Professional association for Cooperative Procurement

The mission of NCPP is to elevate the advocacy, collaboration, and education for cooperative procurement so its strategic value is widely recognized and promoted by government and educational leaders.

To learn more about cooperative procurement and how it can benefit your organization visit their website: NCPP Home