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What do I have to pay to use a Collaborative Procurement Contract?

What do I have to pay to use a Collaborative Procurement Contract?

One of the most common questions that I get with our Collaborative Procurement contracts with the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, OECM and Sourcewell is how do we pay for using the contract.

This question is one of the easiest to answer as you, our clients, don’t have to pay anything to leverage the contracts and streamline your procurement process. Although it may not be true for all collaborative contracts, for the three that we have, all costs are paid by the supplier, us, as opposed to the purchaser, you.

Our Master Services Agreements with the Collaborative Procurement group includes a fee representing a percentage of the total contract value that is payable by us to our partner.

Given that most Collaborative Procurement contracts also include preferred pricing, based on the expect volume of services, and to offset the costs of preparing detailed proposals in response to Public RFPs, Procurement Professionals can not only use these contracts without any costs, they can also be comfortable that they are getting ‘best-in-class” pricing, a win-win for any public sector organization.

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