At Roth IAMS we understand that every client is unique. Because of this, strategies are only effective when we use a collaborative approach with our clients. We work together to help and guide you through the process to understand the challenges and to determine the best solutions to fit your budget and to meet your timelines.

The difference with Roth IAMS is that we span the full spectrum of truly integrated asset management. From individuals with specific maintenance expertise to seasoned professionals who can facilitate strategic planning across individual departments or across all vertical segments in an organization.

Asset Management

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Roth IAMS has developed numerous tools and processes that have been used by hundreds of clients to improve and enhance their Asset Management and Capital Planning processes.

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop multiyear capital and maintenance plans that align with an organization’s overall goals and strategy and are based on the resource constraints that exist.

Asset Management services include:

  • Asset Management Planning
  • Capital Renewal Planning
  • Asset Management Database Maintenance
  • Asset Management Software
  • Data Mining and Analytics
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Asset Data Collection

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Roth IAMS’ team of expertise has completed over 22,000 Building Condition Assessments for both public and private clients for the last 20 years. We tailor our scope of work and the data gathered to align with each client’s unique business and project needs. We have full-time staff across all disciplines to complete a detailed facility assessment for any asset class.

Roth IAMS utilizes Asset Management software tools to collect and report on the data that can also be licenses by clients to support their on-going capital and asset management planning.

Asset Data Collection services include:

  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • ADA Assessments
  • Energy Auditing and Consulting
  • Asset Inventory and Tagging

Facilities Management

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Roth IAMS has worked with numerous clients to develop programs to support on-going Facility Asset Management needs including helping organizations with their Preventative Maintenance planning needs.

Facilities Management services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Facilities Management Plans and Consulting
  • Green Building Strategies, Policies and Procedures
Man and woman reviewing documents in office interior
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Building Performance

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Roth IAMS’ experienced and specialized experts can help to support you with strategic and operational support that ranges from capital project transitions to maintenance and operations management including audits, reviews and analysis. With buildings housing people, critical business functions and processes the emphasis on maintaining and operating buildings for functionality, comfort, efficiency and safety has never been so crucial.

Building Performance services include:

  • Building Performance Check-Up
  • Commissioning
  • Re/Retro-commissioning