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Join Bill Roth, President & CEO of Roth IAMS for the following presentations:

  1. Facility Capital Planning in a High Inflation Environment
  2. Hitting the Sweet Spot-Integrated Asset Management
  3. How to Manage 20th Century Problems With 21st Century Solutions. Welcome to 21st Century Asset Management
  4. Managing Capital Planning and Competing Priorities

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Presenting from Roth IAMS

Bill Roth

Bill Roth

President & CEO

What is Integrated Asset Management?

Traditional Asset Management has been executed through silos within organizations, with each department responsible for its own asset type (buildings, roads, water/wastewater, etc.) or a specific discipline associated with an asset and has focused on short term vs. long term goals. Based on our experience, this approach results in lost opportunity for asset and financial optimization.

We believe that by collaborating with all stakeholders, an integrated strategy will result in a more efficient and effective allocation of capital dollars, while leveraging assets towards the overall goals of our client.

In this new Ebook “Peeling the Onion on Integrated Asset Management (IAM)”, Bill shares this philosophy and breaks down this effective approach to  IAM framework layer by layer, providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this complex process.

Integrated Asset Management in Higher Education


At Roth IAMS, our team of full-time experienced professionals include experts in all facility and infrastructure disciplines. They are here to guide you through the Asset Management Process. Below are a wide range of services we provide to Higher Education institutions who are looking to enhance their existing Asset Management programs in pursuit of an integrated capital renewal and maintenance planning program.

  1. Condition Assessments
  2. Capital Renewal Planning
  3. Asset Management Database Maintenance
  4. Asset Management Software Selection and Implementation
  5. Data Mining and Analytics
  6. Accessibility Assessments
  7. Energy Auditing and Consulting
  8. Equipment Inventory and Tagging
  9. Preventative Maintenance Planning
  10. Facilities Management Plans and Consulting
  11. Green Building Strategies, Policies and Procedures
  12. LEED and BOMA BEST Facilitation
  13. Building Performance Consulting
  14. Commissioning
  15. Re/Retrocommissioning
  16. Thermography

Our consistent and defensible data has helped our clients secure over $5 Billion in additional renewal funding.


Our team has completed over 22,000 FCAs


Our team of over 100 full-time professionals include experts in all facility and infrastructure related disciplines.

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