History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


City of Vancouver



Roth IAMS collaborated with the City of Vancouver to conduct a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) program. Initially contracted through FCAPX, a Division of Roth IAMS, and subsequently extended with Roth IAMS directly, this partnership aimed to provide the City with robust data to underpin its asset management strategies.

The collaboration started with extensive consultations in 2018 to define the program’s scope and objectives. In early 2019, the FCAs began and have continued diligently since then. Roth IAMS has assessed over 500 buildings, encompassing various services such as administrative, recreational, social housing, emergency services, libraries, and maintenance facilities. All collected data seamlessly integrates into the City’s Asset Planner database, ensuring accessibility and usability.


The primary aim is to furnish the City with consistent and defensible data to inform its asset management strategies.


One significant challenge at the project’s outset was obtaining pertinent information from internal staff possessing institutional knowledge about the buildings. Through collaborative efforts, a pre-assessment data collection and interview process were devised, enabling the City staff to provide crucial inputs for the assessment process.


The journey with the City of Vancouver exemplifies Roth IAMS’ commitment to delivering excellence in facility assessment services. By overcoming challenges and fostering collaboration, we have not only met but exceeded the expectations of our client. The extension of our contract and subsequent negotiation for continued services further solidifies the trust and satisfaction garnered through this collaborative partnership.

Project Type

Multiyear Facility Condition Assessment Program

Project Dates

2018 to Present

City of Vancouver

Client Impact and Success

The impact of Roth IAMS’ work on the City of Vancouver has been substantial. Not only did the assessments fulfill the City’s requirements for consistent and reliable data, but they also streamlined internal processes, enhancing efficiency. The satisfaction with Roth IAMS’ performance is evident in a contract extension through 2025, signaling the success of the partnership.