History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo



The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is located in Northern Alberta and owns and operates over 200 buildings in the region. The buildings consist of pumphouses, lift stations, wastewater treatment buildings, fleet maintenance facilities, fire halls, RCMP stations, office space, community centres and sports & recreation facilities. In 2018 RMWB engaged Roth IAMS to conduct building condition assessments for some of their buildings.


Using visual sampling techniques, Roth IAMS was able to describe, technically assess and provide opinions as to the existing condition of structural, mechanical, electrical, interior, site and building envelope systems. RMWB had an Excel based report template, which Roth IAMS helped to enhance for their future use. A separate report was also prepared for each facility. In addition to the condition assessments, the client required a detailed inventory of their mechanical and electrical equipment in which individual data sheets were created. The success of the first engagement led to a second project to not only assess additional buildings, but to also provide a detailed equipment inventory and preventative maintenance plan. This involved visiting each facility, locating all of the equipment and applying a physical tag while recording key equipment information. The detailed equipment inventory was used to develop the preventative maintenance plan. Roth IAMS used SLAM Equipment Manager to gather and record the equipment data on site.


RMWB had over 5,000 pieces of equipment tagged, with a full equipment list and preventative maintenance tasks and 112 buildings assessed. The equipment inventory and preventative maintenance plans were provided in excel to allow for integration into RMWB’s CMMS system. RMWB also had updated reliable condition assessment data and an updated template for future assessments.


-Incomplete inventory and little, to no identification of equipment to tie in with Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
-Lack of knowledge regarding. preventative maintenance tasks that should be completed on equipment.
-Most buildings have either outdated condition assessment data or have never been assessed.


-Building Condition Assessments of 112 Buildings.
-RMWB had over 5000 pieces of equipment tagged, with a full equipment list and preventative maintenance tasks.