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USM Coastal



Like many higher education institutions across the United States, the Coastal Operations team, and the University of Mississippi (USM Coastal) has struggled to build and maintain the momentum required to define and address its growing Deferred capital Renewal and Maintenance (DCRM) backlog. They partnered with Roth IAMS to undertake a pilot-level Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) with five of over fifty buildings in their portfolio. With the pilot, the purpose was to develop a standardized approach and dataset that USM Coastal could use to communicate their DCRM as well as developing more data-informed multiyear capital plans going forward.

What We Did

Using SLAM CAP, Roth IAMs proprietary data collection and reporting tool, our staff provided USM Coastal with a full inventory of the elements present within the pilot buildings as well as a forecast of future renewal needs for each element. Collaborating with USM Coastal, Roth IAMS customized the Uniformat II Level data structure used to identify the elements. Unit costs were adjusted based on published regional factors for the USM’s region. Traditional FCA reports were prepared for each building including Opinion of Probable Cost Tables.


Roth IAMS staff provided USM Coastal with access and training on the SLAM CAP software to support them with their decision making regarding a full-scale, portfolio wide, roll-out. USM Coastal is in the process of integrating the FCA data and SLAM CAP into its internal discussions regarding DCRM and Capital Planning, including engaging with senior leaders within the University to better understand the current needs of the pilot buildings, the planning capabilities and functionality provided by SLAM CAP. Next steps for a portfolio-wide implementation are being reviewed.

Project Type

Facility Condition Assessment Pilot Program

Client Contact

Lucas Applewhite
E: [email protected]

Project Dates

Winter and Spring 2022

Project Budget