History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success





The City of Calgary conducts condition assessments on its buildings, working with pre-vetted vendors. In 2018 Roth IAMS was selected as one of five companies to provide condition assessments for the City of Calgary as part of a multi-year open contract. The selection was based on Roth IAMS qualifications and many years of experience in the industry. The City’s portfolio of buildings includes all types of City buildings such as park facilities, fire halls, recreation centres, offices, shop buildings and operational buildings.


Roth IAMS began the contract with a kick-off meeting and has scheduled year-end close out meetings with the City each year to review the work completed to date and to hold discussions on how the process can be improved. Roth IAMS worked with the City to go through the City’s Word and Excel templates and complete a pilot report of the first building to ensure everyone had a clear understanding of the deliverables and reporting format. Condition assessments are completed on a call-up basis and include a review of the structural, mechanical, electrical, interior, site, and building envelope systems.


The first three years included 23 buildings totaling 518,882 ft2. Roth IAMS is currently working on the 2021 buildings that consist of and additional 21 buildings (200,000 ft2). In addition to the buildings completed on the SOA, Roth IAMS was awarded a twoyear contract with the City of Calgary to complete condition assessments for all community associations in the City. The portfolio represents 67 community association sites (over 772,800 ft2 of buildings). SLAM CAP was used to efficiently capture the information on site and generate the reports for the Community Associations.


-Large infrastructure base to manage the capital needs.
-Aging infrastructure that needs the data for capital planning decision


Completion of 90+ condition assessments with information in a format to easily upload into their asset management software.