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Durham College


In response to the Government of Ontario’s vision for a Barrier-free Accessible Ontario by 2025 and Durham College’s commitment to equal access for students and staff, Roth IAMS, contracted through FCAPX, was tasked with conducting a comprehensive accessibility assessment (AA) of the college’s facilities. The aim was to identify and address barriers to accessibility across their Durham and Whitby campuses.

Roth IAMS initiated the project by selecting a representative facility at the Oshawa Campus for a pilot study, covering offices, classrooms, lecture halls, and washrooms. Utilizing their proprietary Smart Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, they conducted a thorough analysis. This initial phase allowed for refinement based on feedback from Durham College, extending the assessment beyond the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) to include considerations for circulation and path of travel in designated learning spaces. This expansion involved referencing the Facility Accessibility Design Standard (FADS) to address accessibility barriers not covered by the AODA.


Upon completion of the assessment, Roth IAMS presented their findings to college stakeholders. The presentation included estimates for accessibility improvements, with projected costs of approximately $15.1 million for the Oshawa Campus and $1.7 million for the Whitby Campus.


The Built Environment Accessibility Audit undertaken by Roth IAMS in collaboration with Durham College exemplifies the
power of strategic partnerships in advancing accessibility initiatives. Through meticulous assessment and consultation, the
project identified key areas for improvement, paving the way for a more inclusive campus environment.

Roth IAMS’ dedication to meeting client objectives, coupled with their innovative approach to accessibility analysis, underscores their commitment to driving positive change. As Durham College moves forward with implementing accessibility enhancements, the impact of this project will be felt by all members of its community, fostering a culture of inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Project Type

Durham College Built Environment Accessibility Audit

Project Dates

March – October, 2020 (includes the lockdown due to COVID-19

Project Budget


Client Impact and Success

The accessibility audit conducted by Roth IAMS provided Durham College with valuable insights into the state of accessibility across their campuses. By extending the assessment beyond AODA requirements to encompass learning spaces and referencing FADS, the project ensured a comprehensive evaluation of accessibility barriers. The presentation of findings,
including estimated improvement costs, empowered the college to make informed decisions regarding accessibility enhancements.

The project’s success lies not only in its deliverables but also in its contribution to Durham College’s ongoing commitment
to providing equal access for all students and staff. By addressing accessibility barriers, the college creates an inclusive environment that supports the diverse needs of its community.