History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


Carleton University



The project aimed to develop an extensive Equipment Inventory & Tagging system alongside a robust Preventative Maintenance Program for Carleton University. Beginning with selecting equipment for inventory and defining data parameters, Roth IAMS collaborated closely with Carleton to establish a comprehensive dataset. Leveraging SLAM Prevent and customizing data collection tools, Roth IAMS ensured seamless integration with Carleton’s CMMS platform. Over the course of the project, approximately 4,800 unique pieces of equipment across 40 buildings including classrooms, labs, recreational facilities, residences, and site elements were inventoried and tagged with resilient asset tags featuring unique barcodes.

Using a detailed PM task list generated by SLAM Prevent, Roth IAMS matched equipment inventory data with specific PM tasks, encompassing descriptions, frequencies, recommended staff, estimated durations, and associated consumables. Thousands of individual tasks were prepared for export to Carleton’s CMMS, facilitating effective resource allocation and prioritization by the Facilities team. With a precise inventory in place, Carleton now possesses an accurate CMMS inventory supporting both its PM program and enhancing Demand Maintenance tracking by assigning work orders to specific equipment.


The Equipment Inventory & Tagging project, in collaboration with the development of a Preventative Maintenance Program, stands as a testament to Roth IAMS’ commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. By leveraging innovative technologies and fostering close collaboration with Carleton University, we have successfully implemented a system that enhances operational efficiency, optimizes resource allocation, and supports informed decision-making. The project’s success underscores the value of proactive maintenance strategies in ensuring the longevity and reliability of critical assets.

Project Type

Equipment Inventory & Tagging & Preventative Maintenance Program Development

Project Dates

2021 to 2023

Carleton University

Client Impact and Success

The implementation of the Equipment Inventory & Tagging system alongside the Preventative Maintenance Program has yielded significant benefits for Carleton University. By accurately cataloging equipment and establishing PM tasks, Carleton has streamlined its maintenance operations, leading to increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime. The ability to assign work orders to specific equipment has enhanced maintenance tracking and resource allocation, optimizing the university’s facilities management processes.

Project has empowered Carleton to make informed decisions regarding equipment maintenance, ultimately extending the lifespan of critical assets and ensuring a conducive learning and working environment for students and staff.