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County of Bruce



The primary objective of the project was to update the County’s CAM data through detailed assessments. This involved reviewing drawings, conducting interviews with building operators, and tracking interventions for capital renewal deferrals.

Additionally, Roth IAMS aimed to enhance accessibility within County facilities by conducting Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments (BAA) in accordance with OBC Section 3.8 and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Collaborating closely with County staff, the project aimed to provide insights into building component performance history and identify barriers to accessibility.


Roth IAMS, operating under FCAPX, undertook a significant project for the Corporation of the County of Bruce, focusing on Facility Condition and Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments. This initiative aimed to modernize the County’s Capital Asset Management (CAM) data by conducting comprehensive assessments across its nonhousing and housing portfolios.


Key deliverables included comprehensive condition assessments, intervention tracking with budget costs, priority matrices for renewal scheduling, and detailed Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments. The project encountered constraints typical of such assessments, including the need for precise measurements, adherence to regulatory standards, and the coordination of data gathering with County staff.


The Facility Condition and Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments undertaken by Roth IAMS for the Corporation of the County of Bruce represent a successful collaboration aimed at enhancing the County’s infrastructure and accessibility. By delivering comprehensive assessments and actionable insights, Roth IAMS has contributed to the County’s commitment to efficient asset management and inclusive public service delivery. This project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of partnership and expertise in addressing complex infrastructure challenges.

Project Type

Facility Condition and Barrierfree Accessibility Assessments

Project Dates

September 2019 to January 2020

County of Bruce - Administration and Housing

Client Impact and Success

The project yielded significant impacts for the Corporation of the County of Bruce. By updating their CAM data, the County gained invaluable insights into the condition of its facilities, enabling more informed decision-making regarding capital renewal and maintenance.

The comprehensive Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments ensured that County facilities were more inclusive and accessible to both the public and staff. Through collaboration with Roth IAMS, County staff gained a deeper understanding of building performance and accessibility standards, empowering them to better serve the community.