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Toronto Catholic District School Board



The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), one of the largest school boards in Canada, partnered with Roth IAMS to conduct accessibility assessments across their extensive network of facilities. With a commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment, TCDSB sought to identify and address potential accessibility barriers in their schools and administrative offices.


The project aimed to create an inventory of accessibility barriers within TCDSB’s 227 facilities, spanning East and West Toronto. This included elementary and secondary schools, learning centers, and administrative offices. Roth IAMS worked closely with TCDSB to understand their objectives, focusing on identifying barriers that could impede the learning process for individuals with physical or mental challenges.


Roth IAMS employed a comprehensive approach to assess accessibility barriers, leveraging both conventional and electronic measuring devices to collect data efficiently. Customizing the CAM database allowed for the systematic capture of accessibility issues. Site visits were strategically scheduled during school breaks to minimize disruption to the learning environment. Deliverables were tailored to meet TCDSB’s needs, facilitating their access to educational funding and providing a spreadsheet summary for scheduling accessibility improvements.


The collaboration between TCDSB and Roth IAMS exemplifies the importance of proactive accessibility assessments in creating inclusive educational environments. Through meticulous data collection and strategic planning, TCDSB is equipped to address accessibility barriers systematically, reaffirming their commitment to diversity and inclusivity within their schools.

Project Type

Accessibility Assessments

Project Dates

June 2022 to December 202

Client Impact and Success

By partnering with Roth IAMS, TCDSB successfully gained insights into accessibility challenges within their facilities. The comprehensive assessment empowered TCDSB to prioritize and address barriers effectively, ensuring a more inclusive environment for students and staff.

The project’s outcomes enabled TCDSB to advocate for necessary improvements and allocate resources efficiently, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for all members of the school community.

Toronto Catholic District School Board