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Township of Severn



Roth IAMS, in collaboration with FCAPX, embarked on an Accessibility Assessment project for the Township of Severn in early 2020. This project aimed to enhance the inclusivity of Severn’s built environment, particularly for individuals with disabilities. The assessment covered 12 facilities, including the Town Hall, fire stations, and community centers, aligning with the Province’s goal of achieving a barrier-free environment by 2025.


The primary goal of the project was to conduct a comprehensive Accessibility Assessment (AA) to identify and address accessibility barriers within Severn’s facilities. Roth IAMS aimed to align with the standards set forth by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and integrate these findings into the Township’s five-year capital asset management plan. Key objectives included enhancing accessibility in public spaces and ensuring compliance with provincial accessibility regulations.


Roth IAMS developed a detailed spreadsheet checklist tailored to address accessibility barriers outlined in the AODA and Ontario Building Code Section 3.8 Barrier-free Design. Additionally, to address gaps in the guidelines, particularly pertaining to circulation and path of travel in boardrooms, the team referenced the Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS), which cite CSA B651-18. This comprehensive approach allowed for a thorough assessment of Severn’s facilities, ensuring all aspects of accessibility were considered.


The Accessibility Assessment project undertaken by Roth IAMS for the Township of Severn exemplifies the importance of proactive measures to enhance accessibility in public spaces. Through meticulous planning, comprehensive assessment methodologies, and effective communication of findings, Roth IAMS successfully contributed to Severn’s efforts to create a barrier-free environment by 2025.

Project Type

Accessibility Assessments

Project Dates

January to March 2020

Township of Severn

Client Impact and Success

The Township of Severn greatly benefited from the Accessibility Assessment conducted by Roth IAMS. The detailed analysis provided valuable insights into existing accessibility barriers and recommended solutions to enhance inclusivity across various facilities. The presentation of findings to the Township’s Council was wellreceived, highlighting the effectiveness of Roth IAMS’ approach and the significance of addressing accessibility concerns.

By aligning with provincial standards and integrating accessibility improvements into the capital asset management plan, Severn has taken significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and accessible community for all residents.