History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


Town of Innisfil



Roth IAMS undertook the Facility and Park Asset Condition Assessments project for the Town of Innisfil, spanning from 2015 to 2022. Initially focused on facilities, the project expanded to include park assets, reflecting the Town’s commitment to comprehensive asset management.


The project aimed to assess the condition of 29 facilities and later expanded to include 41 park assets. The objectives were to provide the Town with detailed insights into asset conditions, support strategic decision-making, and ensure data currency for effective capital asset management.


Roth IAMS delivered comprehensive assessments utilizing electronic tools and advanced methodologies. Constraints included tight timelines, diverse asset types, and the need for accurate data collection amid operational constraints.


Roth IAMS’ approach and client-focused methodology ensured the success of the Facility and Park Asset Condition Assessments project for the Town. By delivering FCAs, overcoming constraints, and fostering data-driven decision-making, Roth IAMS continues to be a trusted partner in the Town’s journey towards effective asset management and infrastructure optimization.

Project Type

Facility Condition Assessments/Park Asset Condition Assessments

Project Dates

FCAs: November 2015 to February 2016; Parks: June 2017 to November 2017, September 2021, and January 2022

Town of Innisfil

Client Impact and Success

The project significantly impacted the Town by providing actionable insights for asset management decisions. Roth IAMS’ assessments enabled the Town to prioritize maintenance, allocate resources efficiently, and make informed investment decisions. The expansion of the project scope and successful completion of due diligence assessments underscored Roth IAMS’ ability to adapt and exceed client expectations.