History and Milestones of Our 10 Years of Growth and Success


University of Minnesota



The University of Minnesota (UMN) embarked on a journey to enhance its facility and infrastructure asset management program. Having previously conducted Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) and implemented a Capital Asset Management System (CAMS) across its multiple campuses, UMN sought a collaborative partner for a comprehensive 5year engagement. Roth IAMS was selected to lead this endeavor, bringing its expertise to integrate the SLAM CAP CAMS, a cutting-edge asset management solution, into UMN’s operations.


The project aimed to expand the scope of FCAs to include Central Utility Buildings and underground site infrastructure. Roth IAMS worked closely with UMN to configure the SLAM CAP portal for seamless migration of existing FCA data from the previous CAMS software. The objectives encompassed not only data migration but also the enhancement of data visualization and capital planning functionalities for all buildings, laying the groundwork for a robust asset management strategy.


Roth IAMS conducted a Pilot-Scale program on the Duluth Campus, validating assumptions and refining the data migration process. Subsequently, the project scaled up, deploying four assessment teams for the summer 2023 assessment season. Additionally, a focus was placed on completing infrastructure assessments within the same year. Throughout the process, Roth IAMS navigated complexities associated with integrating multivariable prioritization into UMN’s SLAM CAP database, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. Furthermore, the integration of FCA data with UMN’s Computerized Maintenance Management System was planned for implementation in 2023, posing both technical and operational challenges.


As the Facility Condition Assessment program gains momentum, Roth IAMS remains committed to supporting UMN’s evolving asset management needs. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the partnership between Roth IAMS and UMN continues to drive tangible results, setting a precedent for excellence in higher education asset management. Looking ahead, both parties are poised to leverage the integrated capabilities of SLAM CAP CAMS to further optimize operations and maximize the value of UMN’s physical assets.

Project Type

Facility Condition Assessments and Capital Asset Management Software

Project Dates

Fall 2022 to Present (5-Year Contract)